Saturday, October 24, 2009

The shows are out and the results are in...

There are some amazing television shows in the fall line up this year, here's what i'm into:

30 Rock
Lie to me
Flash forward
The office
Gossip Girl (no judging)

If you haven't already gotten hooked, you should.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

You might have had to be there...

Me: (having just woke up on my friend Audrey's couch) "Ugh, I have dog hair all over me. I feel so gross"

Toby: (one of Audrey's many roommates) "You look hot!"

Me: look of disgust

Toby: "It's like redneck glitter"

me: look of shock mixed with amusement

Jenn: Hysterical laughter

Me a week later: hehehehehehhe

Friday, February 13, 2009

Being sick makes me wish I had cable...

Not only do I have to feel and look disgusting but I'm bored. There should be a sick day suggestion website, things that don't take a lot of effort but will occupy the sick and weary.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

where the earth touches the sky

Every morning I walked the pasture and up the hill to be closer to you, in hopes that perhaps the quiet beauty of the hilltop would bring crisp clarity to your voice... That I may hear the deepest desires of your heart for my life. It is there, waiting in stillness, I felt each breath, heard the beating in my chest, and I came alive again.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Just a little something i wrote.

Things that used to consume my time and heart no longer have space
for I am full and running over with love for you
My own strength fails me and the walls I built crumble
I stand exposed and vulnerable
Unarmed, fear creeps along my skin and my heart trembles
logic takes over, I want to run but i am heavy with emotion
Feeling defeated
it is now me
as I am
in brokenness
standing in fear, longing to be protected and taken truely as I am
needing you

Friday, July 11, 2008

The Office in which I spend most of my time

I am reading this book about office life; it’s a bit like the ever so popular Office Space or the Office television show. There is no real purpose for me to read this book and I’m sure I could find more productive and fulfilling things to do with my time, but sometimes you just need an easy read, right? As mindless as the book is I began to notice it had heightened my awareness of the sheer ridiculousness of office shenanigans. For example, at my office/city, which will remain anonymous, we have a fountain…this said fountain causes hours of meaningless conversation and prohibits productivity by 25%-at the very least. See, the said fountain has flowing issues and you would not believe how many people at my office are experts in fountain building. At any given moment of the day you can find groups of employees huddled around the windows in our break room debating how it was done all wrong, had they just made the wall a little deeper, the sides a little taller, or the water pressure harder. Needless to say I had no problem participating in these conversations until I read the book, now…I see how ridiculous it is. Also, we have a “cool kids” parking lot which is slightly farther and to the left of the front door, we know who we are and we all park there. I once even caught myself glaring at a VP when he unknowingly parked in the wrong lot-the nerve. Oh and then there was the case of the missing coffee, I can’t explain how many hours were spent making accusations, whispering about new suspects, and then finally cracking the case. It was one of the sweet admins…I found out it was her when I saw her unloading all the yummy Starbucks she had just purchased to pitch in. And…Mickey, the office mouse you would have freakin’ thought there was a tyrannosaurs invading cubeland. Anywho; saying all that to say that the work environment is like none other, what may be super cool, interesting, or important at work is totally not in the real world. Corporate Americans beware we are ridiculous.

Monday, June 30, 2008 |╦łsensitiv|

Sensitive; to be easily offended or upset. This is my newest critique from my ever so cool and euro boss, the same guy who also tells me that people in the office don't like me, that I have bad meeting faces, and my all time favorite...I have no sense of humor. The sensitive comment is by far the most accurate but I wonder just how accurate considering his other accusations. I in fact should have realized that he may have something with this last one when I had to call my most honest friend to ask her if she thought I was. If I had to call...I think it's a safe bet that this may be something I need to work on. The thing is I like that I am sensitive, this sensitivity gets even stronger when I see others hurting. My sensitivity prompts action, comforting, volunteering, apologies. I want to stay sensitive in the good way and not be in the bad way. I can use so serious prayer with this one if you have any spare time.

Lord, thank you for creating me with the good type of sensitivity and for the desire and ability to recognize pain or sadness in others but please help me to be less sensitive to others judgement of me, help me to seek how YOU see me. Develop in me a strong, serving, and forgiving heart.